Learn to Fly

Stratos Aviation offers comprehensive training for future pilots who aspire to achieve distinction and excellence as professional aviators. Our highly trained instructors provide an outstanding flight training experience to each student by focusing on structured flight training and offering students a large variety of experiences.

We try to benefit students, full and part-time workers, and busy professionals, by customizing training around a schedule that works best for you and meets your unique goals and lifestyle.

Private Pilot

The Private Pilot license (PPL) provides foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training. Students will learn a solid foundation of skills that can build on as they continue to grow as a pilot. This certificate allows someone to act as the pilot of an aircraft and carry passengers in a private capacity (not for pay). The PPL is the foundation course on a pathway to an airline pilot career.

The Private Pilot training involves both studying ground knowledge and in-flight training.

Ground school is accomplished in our classrooms and through a home study course. One Certified flight instructor (CFI) or a team of Certified Flight Instructors, will work with the student on the ground as well as in the sky. Students will practice aerial maneuvers, takeoffs, landing, emergency procedures and navigation techniques to become safe and competent pilots.

The length of time it takes to earn a private pilot’s license varies widely and depends on how spread out someone’s training schedule is. The most cost-effective schedule for students to earn their license is by scheduling 3-4 lessons a week.

As with any type of training, the more dedicated someone is, the quicker it will go.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Provide proof of US citizenship or complete the TSA flight training application
  • Be at least 16 years of age to solo and at least 17 years of age to receive the license. Training can start at any age.
  • Obtain at least a 3rd class FAA Medical Certificate

The FAA requires that you have a minimum of 40 hours logged in order to qualify for your Private Pilot Certificate. However, the national average is about 70 hours. We at Stratos Aviation are in the business of making exceptional pilots and to be exceptional takes more than the minimum effort. The time it takes depends greatly on how frequently you can take lessons. Generally, the less frequently you fly, the longer skills take to develop. The more frequently you fly the faster these skills will develop

Instrument Rating

The next step after obtaining a Private pilot certificate is the Instrument Rating. An Instrument Rating (IR) will take safety and proficiency to the next level. Achieving an instrument rating is not only a fun pursuit, but a worthwhile accomplishment. A pilot will gain the increased skill and confidence that comes from the precise flying required for this rating. Stratos Aviation instrument training will expand your knowledge and skills as a Private Pilot and make you a safer pilot.

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Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial certificate provides comprehensive training to ensure safety and proficiency in commercial aircraft operations and standards. A commercial pilot is expected to have superior knowledge and insights into the airplane, weather, the FAA's rules and regulations and operations within the National Airspace System. Stratos Aviation Flight Training team will train you with the skills, knowledge and professionalism needed to propel your career forward.

Although this certificate is the ticket to finally being able to receive compensation as a pilot, someone does not have to get a job in aviation to get a commercial pilot license. Many pilots choose to pursue this advanced certificate simply to master new knowledge and improve their piloting skills.

Certified Flight Instructor CFI, CFII

A Certified Flight Instructor significantly expands flight knowledge and proficiency. CFI’s are constantly being challenged to learn, enhancing their capabilities to comprehend. Becoming a CFI provides the opportunity to build valuable flight time, gain experience, refine proficiency and increase safety awareness.

Stratos Aviation will equip you with the tools needed for a lasting instructional career.

Rotary to Fixed Wing Transition

Stratos Aviation will develop a training schedule for the rotor pilot based on FAA minimums and on historical data that will ensure success for the transition from rotor to fixed wing flying.

Instruction for Foreign Students

Stratos aviation is proud to provide flight instruction services to foreign students who have been approved by the Transportation Safety Authority. If you are a foreign student, we will help you begin the approval process by registering on the TSA website as well as with the fingerprinting process. Once approved by the TSA we can customize your schedule and start your training.