Cirrus Training - Private, Instrument, Commercial

Learn to fly in a Cirrus, one of the world’s safest, most comfortable and technologically advanced aircraft. Getting your Private Pilot’s license in a Cirrus opens a new world of adventure, enjoyment and expanded capability.

Start Training in Your Own Cirrus

If your goal is to someday own your own airplane, this may be the best option for you. Learning to fly in your own airplane will make the experience easier, safer and potentially more economical than renting. You will not have to worry about scheduling conflicts, rental fees and procedures and the variability of aircraft you may fly.

Cirrus Transition Course

The Cirrus transition course is designed to prepare pilots to be current and proficient regarding VFR flight training in Cirrus aircraft. The course covers the unique operating procedures of the Cirrus aircraft for all flight situations. Transition training is designed to take approximately 10 hours to complete. As with all flight training, timely completion of this course is dependent on the performance and proficiency of the Cirrus pilot, the completion of the required prerequisites and, of course, the weather.

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Cirrus VFR Transition

The VFR Cirrus Transition is designed to provide licensed pilots with the knowledge needed to operate a Cirrus aircraft properly and safely, focusing on aircraft control, emergency procedures, avionics and engine management, using Cirrus approved curriculum. This is not your standard checkout. It will give you the tools necessary to master the Cirrus inside and out.

Cirrus IFR/Advanced Transition

The Advanced Cirrus Transition is more in depth than the VFR Transition and encompasses comprehensive instrument flight training to develop your proficiency in IFR conditions flying a Cirrus.