Whether you wish to fly for your own delight or you are interested in becoming a commercial pilot, our highly experienced instructors ensure the safest and most effective flight instruction in the aviation industry.

At Stratos, flight programs are taught by instructors who have a passion for teaching. They provide comprehensive flight training tailored to the student’s goals.

Stratos Aviation’s Team of qualified instructors, with over 20,000 hours of experience, use industry-leading structured training programs to build proficient and safe pilots.

Dimitri Partafyllas

Dimitri Partafyllas - Stratos Aviation Founder

FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Airplane, CFI, CFII and MEI. Cirrus Standardized
Instructor Pilot (CSIP)

As the owner and Chief Instructor of Stratos Aviation, Dimitri Partafyllas has always had a passion for aviation and wanted to fly ever since he was a child. He is capable of speaking English, Greek and German. Dimitri started learning to fly while working in Bavaria, Germany. He finished his pilot training in Greenville, SC and has flown out of the Greenville Downtown Airport since 2000. In 2007, he became a flight instructor and since then, he and Stratos Aviation have been awarded several Federal Aviation Administration and AOPA aviation professional awards.

From the Federal Aviation Administration, Dimitri was nominated and selected as the SC District-General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year for 2018 and 2019, for outstanding accomplishment and leadership excellence in the pursuit of the mission of aviation safety.

From the Airplane and Owners Pilots Association Dimitri received the Southeast Region, the 2017 and 2018 Distinguished Certified Flight Instructor Flight Training Experience Awards.

With twenty (20) years of flying experience and over 8,000 hours of dual instruction, he really enjoys teaching others to fly.

Corey Politino

Corey Politino - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, ASES & AMEL, Instrument Airplane, Tailwheel, CFI, CFII, and MEI. Private Rotorcraft.

Corey has over 16 years in Naval Aviation experience and has logged over 4400 hours in both Naval and General Aircraft. Corey provides a wide range of instruction experience for all age’s pursuing a career in aviation or for anyone looking for a new hobby.

Bob Peck

Bob Peck - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Airplane, CFI, CFII.

Bob’s earliest memories of aviation were of talking about flying with his father and grandfather. One of his most enjoyable flight was flying around the San Francisco Bay area tuning the radios while his father flew over the Golden Gate Bridge in his Maule. Bob took his first flight lessons in 1997 as a gift from his father. Twenty years later, he was referred by a friend to Stratos Aviation where he restarted his training and earned his ASEL Private Pilot’s certification, airplane instrument rating, ASEL Commercial, CFI, and CFII while balancing a full-time job and active family life. He enjoys working with aspiring pilots of all ages and especially those who may have started (or returned to) flying later in life.

Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Airplane, FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Alex developed his passion for aviation from his first flight to Florida when he was just a toddler. Since then, he always dreamed of being a pilot one day. Alex got all of his Pilot Certificates with Stratos Aviation and is now pursuing his dream career in aviation. Today, he is instructing in the same planes he learned how to fly in.

Zachary Bazzle

Zachary Bazzle - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Airplane, FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Zach’s fascination with airplanes started when he was very young looking up at the airliners on final approach to KCAE. A discovery flight with the Clemson Flying Club cemented his passion and eventually led him to attend CAE in Phoenix. After becoming a CFII he moved back to Columbia to continue his passion for aviation while teaching at Stratos Aviation.

Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Airplane, FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Mark’s passion for aviation started young. Once, while his family was visiting a close pilot friend, he was given his first ride in the front seat of Cessna 172. Since then he took any chance he could to learn or be around aviation. Mark graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Commercial/Corporate Aviation. While attending Liberty University’s flight school, he completed his Private, Instrument, CFI, CFII and Commercial-Multi. Now, Mark enjoys sharing his aviation passion with others through teaching.

Ryan McCormack

Ryan McCormack - Flight Instructor

Certifications: Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Airplane, FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Ryan has been interested in aviation ever since he was a child when he watched his dad work on his RV-7A home-built aircraft. Since then, he developed a passion for flight. He originally decided to pursue it as a hobby, but eventually realized he wanted to become a CFI to share his love of aviation with others. Ryan got all of his flying certificates with Stratos Aviation and is now helping other people achieve their aviation goals and dreams.